Season News 2020/2021

Season News 2020 / 2021

NOCH Season News and Season Promotion 2020 / 2021

Figures advent calendar for gauge H0, TT und N
The figure advent calendar in DIN A3 format has as cover picture a romantic snow-covered model landscape at dusk with an illuminated train and illuminated houses. Each calendar contains a total of 25 figures.

Hobby Advent calendar "Christmas crib" H0 gauge
From December 1 to 24, each door contains chronologically ordered handicraft material, laser-cut minis, figures and accessories. You will continue to tinker a little bit further every day! During the Advent season, a beautiful nativity scene in the alpine style is created with everything that goes with it: Mary, Joseph, Christ Child, ox and donkey, shepherds, sheep and much more! Accessories, fences and landscaping material round off the crafting fun.

Tufts of grass
With the grass tufts you can realistically decorate meadows, embankments, forest edges and many other scenes in your model landscape.

Landscaping Basic Equipment Package
With the NOCH Landscaping Basic Equipment Package you have everything you need to start building a landscape professionally. No matter if you want to provide a model railroad with a landscape or if you are looking for an introduction to high-quality diorama construction: The included materials are ideal for many gauges and scales. In combination with the NOCH Easy-Track model railroad track construction kit, the set is your ideal start into the easy construction of a model railroad layout. The package is the ideal initial equipment for every model builder and offers a price advantage of more than 10%. The use of the individual products is very easy and impresses with a perfect result. Each article contains processing and application instructions.

Please also note the NOCH Home Academy with the
Online seminar "Vacation in the mountains". All products included in the basic equipment are shown, explained and processed in detail in the video seminar.

NOCH Gras-Master 3.0 and NOCH Gras-Master 3.0 PROFI + accessories
The Gras-Master from NOCH is still the measure of all things when it comes to professional grassing of model railroad layouts, dioramas and model landscapes. The first Gras-Master came on the market in 2005. A real revolution. From then on, the industrial technology of electrostatic grassing was also available to the individual hobby model railroader - and at an affordable price!

Since July 2020 the new Gras-Master 3.0 and the Gras-Master 3.0 PROFI are available on the market. We can look back on more than 15 years of experience and many thousands of sold units and satisfied customers who have built great landscapes with the two previous models. Therefore it was only natural to develop a new device that takes up and perfects the strengths of the predecessors. An evolution of the original in the sense of the user. Because as we have all learned: Never change a winning team!

Seasonal promotion campaign:
Big raffle: Visit your dealer and win great prizes! Find the animal that accompanies the NOCH Season Promotion 2020 / 2021 and win great prizes with a total value of over 1.000 €. Now it is doubly worthwhile to visit your local dealer!

Grass Tufts XL Grass Tufts XL

104 pieces, 9 mm
beige-green, dark green, brown

Ref.: 07005
Grass Tufts XL Grass Tufts XL

104 pieces, 9 mm
dark green, medium green, brown, golden yellow

Ref.: 07006
Grass Tufts XL “blossom” Grass Tufts XL “blossom”

104 pieces, 9 mm
red, yellow, light and dark green

Ref.: 07011
Grass Tufts “Wild Flowers” Grass Tufts “Wild Flowers”

52 pieces, 6 mm and 52 pieces, 9 mm

Ref.: 07012
Grass Tufts “Field Plants” Grass Tufts “Field Plants”

52 pieces, 6 mm and 52 pieces, 9 mm

Ref.: 07013
Grass Tufts XL “Field Plants” Grass Tufts XL “Field Plants”

42 pieces, 9 mm

Ref.: 07041
Grass Tufts XL“blooming” Grass Tufts XL“blooming”

42 pieces, 9 mm

Ref.: 07042
Grass Tufts XL “blooming” Grass Tufts XL “blooming”

42 pieces, 9 mm

Ref.: 07043
Grass Tufts XL “Meadow” Grass Tufts XL “Meadow”

42 pieces, 9 mm

Ref.: 07044
Grass Tufts XL “blooming” Grass Tufts XL “blooming”

42 pieces, 9 mm

Ref.: 07045
NOCH Catalogue 2021/2022 German with MSRP NOCH Catalogue 2021/2022 German with MSRP

Main Catalogue 2021/2022

Ref.: 72210
NOCH Catalogue 2021/2022 English NOCH Catalogue 2021/2022 English

Main Catalogue 2021/2022

Ref.: 72212