Season News 2019/2020

NOCH Season News and Season Promotion 2019 / 2020

»Perfect holidays into the mountains« 

Figures Advent Calendar in Gauge H0, TT und N
The Figures Advent Calendar in DIN A3 format is a real eye-catcher with its beautiful cover picture. Look forward to a new figure every day when opening one of the small doors – an ideal gift for all modellers!

Handicraft Advent Calender »Christmas Market« Gauge H0
The handicraft advent calendar came on the market for the first time at last year and was sold out within a short time. That's why there's a limited reissue this year.

Figures Gauge H0 »The Heroes of Paris« 
The fire in the Notre-Dame Cathedral in April 2019 was a shock for all of Europe. In order to help, we have immediately developed two Figures Sets: the »Hunchback & Beautiful Girl« and the»French Firefighters«, the heroes of Paris. We will donate a part of the proceeds to the Cathedral’s reconstruction.

Figures Gauge 0
0 Gauge Figures are not only suitable for use on the model railway layout; the approx. 4 cm-tall figures are also perfect to use for decorating and crafting purposes during Advent and around Christmas.

Grass Tufts in muted colours with 6 mm or 12 mm length
We round off the range of grass fibres in muted colours with the Grass Tufts. They are ideal for realistically designing edges of forests, natural and wild meadows, country lanes, shores and much more. The small tufts look super-realistic and find a spot in every model landscape.

Deco Fir Tree and Deko Snowy Fir Tree fom NOCH kreativ
Are you already familiar with our brand NOCH kreativ? Many of our modelling products are not just suitable for the model railway, because you can also design great decorations with figurines and little trees. Our new Deco Trees with Wooden Bases are ideal for Christmas. The beautiful trees perfectly suit any window sill or table. Creative crafting tips and decoration ideas can be viewed at!

Saison Promotion »Perfect holidays into the mountains «with the exclusive Perfect Set for the model landscape
The Perfect Sets have been compiled especially for you by our modellers: Every Perfect Set contains everything you need to make a crafting theme complete. In addition to the products, you’ll find a free DVD with video instructions in each set. This ensures that your model building is a success!

Grass Tufts XL Grass Tufts XL

dark green, medium green, brown, golden yellow
92 pieces, each 12 mm

Ref.: 07008
Grass Tufts Grass Tufts

muted colours, 104 pieces, each 6 mm

Ref.: 07009
Deco Fir Tree with Wooden Base Deco Fir Tree with Wooden Base

ca. 35 cm high

Ref.: 4019826
Deco Snowy Fir Tree with Wooden Base Deco Snowy Fir Tree with Wooden Base

ca. 35 cm high

Ref.: 4019836
Perfect Set Perfect Set "Right & Left Along the Tracks”


  • Nature Trees for approx. 20 bushes (ref. 23100),
  • Foliage light green, 20 x 23 cm (ref. 07270),
  • Meadow Foliage medium green, 20 x 23 cm (ref. 07291),
  • Structured Flock, dark green, medium, 15 g (ref. 07343),
  • Structured Flock, bright green, fine, 20 g (ref. 07331),
  • Grass Tufts Mini Set XL, 42 pieces (ref. 07022),
  • Grass Tufts Mini Set „Field Plants”, 42 pieces (ref. 07034)
Ref.: 60811
Perfect Set Perfect Set "Lake”


  • Water-Drops® »color«, 250 g and each 25 g colour granules blue, green, brown  (ref. 60856),
  • Waves & Billows, 150 ml (ref. 60861),
  • Grass Tufts Mini Set »Meadow«, 42 pieces (ref. 07037)
Ref.: 60813
Perfect Set “Winter Landscape” Perfect Set “Winter Landscape”


  • Start Set Snowflakes, contains: 50 g Snow Glue, 25 g Snowflakes and Puffer Bottle (ref. 07065),
  • Snow Paste, 250 ml (ref. 08752),
  • Ice Crystals, 30 ml (ref. 08754),
  • Icicles, 30 ml (ref. 08756)
Ref.: 60815
Perfect Set „Road“ Perfect Set „Road“


  • Structured Road Construction Paint, Asphalt grey, 250 ml (ref. 60825),
  • Road Construction Paint Roller, 50 mm wide (ref. 60829),
  • Starter Set Street Marking, contains: 1 curved ruler, 1 street marking pen, each 1 street marking template for H0, TT and N scale (ref. 60740)
Ref.: 60817
Handicraft Advent Calendar “Christmas Market”  Handicraft Advent Calendar “Christmas Market”


  • Crafting material: e.g. Snow Flakes, Icicles and much more!
  • 5 Laser-Cut minis: e.g. Pyramid, Stalls, Christmas Market Entry Arch
  • 31 figures: e.g. Christmas figures, »Children in Snow«, »Family Meier in Winter«
  • 10 Snowy Fir Trees in different heights
  • Laser-Cut Adhesive
  • detailled instructions
Ref.: 65590