Season News 2017/2018

Laser-Cut minis kits for H0, TT and N – Welcome to the Christmas market!
The new Laser-Cut minis kits allow you to imitate the atmosphere of Christmas markets in miniature. 4 new H0 kits will be released: »Christmas Market Stall«, »Mulled-Wine Stall«, »Christmas Market Crib with figures in wood look« as well as »Christmas Market Pyramid«. For TT and N each two new kits will be launched: »Christmas Market Stall« and »Mulled-Wine Stall«.

Anticipation is the Greatest Joy – with the NOCH Figures Advent Calendar in H0, TT or N!
Every two years NOCH designs and creates a new winter diorama representing the cover of the NOCH Figures Advent Calendar. The selection of the figures behind every door is varying every year. Thus, the advent calendar in DIN A3 format including 28 figures is a perfect gift for every modeler.

Every year again… - H0 Sound Scene »Christmas« with melody of German Christmas carol
The NOCH Sound Scene series is extended by the new sound »Christmas«. An orchestra play the popular German Christmas carol »Every year again…«. Thanks to the compact construction, the sound module with loudspeaker can be installed exactly there, where the sound should come from, e.g. in a building. The connection is made to a 16 V transformer, suitable for AC/DC. In addition to the electronic sound components the scene includes the NOCH Figures Set ref. 15920 »Christmas figures«.

Silent Night, Holy Night… - Scenery Set »Christmas Crib« in H0
One of the oldest modelling themes is the reproduction of Holy Night with nativity scene including Jesus, Mary and the corresponding animals. The Scenery Set »Christmas Crib« is not only suitable for model railroaders but thanks to the included accessories, it is also ideal for hobbyists and diorama modelers. The kit contains a Laser-Cut Christmas crib, the figures set »Crib Figures«, brown scatter material, green grass tufts and a green mini grass mat.

Enjoy easy modelling – Deco Scenes also in TT and N Gauge now!
NOCH Deco Scenes contain a ready-assembled small Laser-But building as well as the matching figures. Four new models are now released in TT and N gauge: On the Platform, On the Farm, Cattle Shelter and In the Forest.

Mini Start Set Landscaping – The ideal start for modelers, creatives and crib builders!
The Mini Start Set Landscaping is ideal for everybody who wants to start landscaping, creating a diorama, model railroad layout or even a Christmas crib. The set includes a mini grass mat, medium green and brown scatter material, a polybag with green, yellow and red lichen as well as a piece of cork rocks.

PROFI Rocks »Rubbles« in exclusive large packs
The large packs with the new PROFI Rocks »Rubbles« are ideal for bigger layouts and model railroad clubs. They are perfectly used for the realistic creation of mountain sides and river beds. The rubbles are offered in three different grains: fine, 1 – 2 mm, medium, 2 – 5 mm, coarse 6 – 16 mm. The content of each large pack is 200 g and can be ordered exclusively online on

On the Farm On the Farm
Ref.: 12540
In the Forest In the Forest
Ref.: 12545
On the Farm On the Farm
Ref.: 12740
In the Forest In the Forest
Ref.: 12745
Christmas Christmas
Ref.: 12897
Christmas Market Stall Christmas Market Stall

8 x 5 cm, 3.5 cm high

Ref.: 14392
Mulled Wine Stall Mulled Wine Stall

5 x 5 cm, 4 cm high

Ref.: 14393
Christmas Market Manger with Figures in Wood Look  Christmas Market Manger with Figures in Wood Look

7,5 x 3,5 cm
3,5 cm high
incl. 8 figures

Ref.: 14394
Christmas Market Pyramid Christmas Market Pyramid

4.5 x 4.5 cm, 9 cm high

Ref.: 14395
Christmas Market Stall Christmas Market Stall

6 x 4 cm, 3 cm high

Ref.: 14482
Mulled Wine Stall Mulled Wine Stall

4 x 4 cm, 3 cm high

Ref.: 14483
Christmas Market Stall Christmas Market Stall

4.5 x 3 cm, 2 cm high

Ref.: 14682
Mulled Wine Stall Mulled Wine Stall

3 x 3 cm, 2.5 cm high

Ref.: 14683
Scenery Starter Kit Scenery Starter Kit


  • Mini Grass Mat “Meadow”, 28 x 22 cm
  • Scatter Material, medium green and brown, each 10 g
  • Bag of Lichen, dark green, yellow and red, approx. 12 g each
  • Cork Rock Piece
Ref.: 60803
Scenery Set “Christmas Manger”  Scenery Set “Christmas Manger”


  • Scenery Set »Christmas Crib«, 11 x 6 cm, 5 cm high
  • Crib Figures (item 15922, 11 figures)
  • Scatter Material brown, 42 g (item 08440)
  • 20 Grass Tufts, green
  • Mini Grass Mats, green, 28 x 22 cm
Ref.: 65620