Weathering Powder with Mixing Bench

Ref. 61169
MSRP €29.99

Available from 09/2021


7 glass vials with colour pigment powder,
5 g each of teal, leaf green, terracotta, russet, sand, ash, soot,
1 empty glass vial (for own mixture),
1 mixing bench (kit),
1 paintbrush,
3 mixing inserts

Notice: Model building item

Details Weathering Powder with Mixing Bench

Ageing with Dignity!

The tried and tested NOCH Weathering Powder is now available with a practical mixing bench.

NOCH Weathering Powder does away with the shine on plastic surfaces. It weathers laser-cut kits, creates shading and gives components and models more optical depth and realism. Surfaces thus obtain a natural look. The set contains seven different colours (teal, leaf green, terracotta, russet, sand, ash, soot), with which you can age bridges, houses, vehicles, locos, wagons, walls, portals and much more. It is also excellent for using with aeroplane, tank or ship kits. The pigments can be mixed together until the right shade is formed. This is done professionally and very easily in the mixing bench’s washable mixing inserts. The inserts can be purchased individually at

Note: since the colour pigments are natural products, colour deviations may occur.

Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces

How-to-tip Weathering Powder with Mixing Bench

To give the colour pigments a better grip on smooth surfaces, first spray a thin layer of Spray & Fix Adhesive onto the object that is to be patinated. When the Spray & Fix Adhesive is dry, the pigments are carefully dabbed onto the sections of the object that are to be aged with the paintbrush supplied. The pigments are finally fixed with another thin layer of Spray & Fix Adhesive.