Vegetation Starter Set "Forest"

Ref. 60772
MSRP €16.99

Available from 10/2021

Scatter Grass “Forest Floor”, 20 g,
Structured Flock, 15 g,
Scatter Material, brown, 42 g,
Foliage, olive green

Notice: Model building item

Details Vegetation Starter Set "Forest"

Every beginning is easy!

Vegetation starter set "Forest"

We have noticed that many customers keep asking how to professionally design a forest floor. Reason enough for us to put together a suitable vegetation starter set. With the matching scatter grass, scatter material and structure flock in muted, dark colors, a perfect base is created in no time at all! Details such as moss and other ground cover can then be worked in with the olive green folio.

Exclusive vegetation starter sets

The application requirements for different vegetation in the model landscape are as broad as the range of products offered by the model building dealer. So it is sometimes difficult to decide which colors and materials to use.

To make the decision easier for you and to recommend the right NOCH materials for the different applications, our model makers have taken the trouble to compile special vegetation starter sets for you. In each case they contain a selection of products that are suitable for the different themes. So you can start right away and experience the effect and application of the materials.

In each vegetation starter set we have made a point of presenting as many products as possible. The quantities are therefore only sufficient for small areas. Since the article numbers of the products are indicated on all packaging, a subsequent purchase of individual contents is however completely simple and possible at any time. Furthermore, each set offers a price advantage of at least 10% compared to buying the products individually.

Have fun discovering the variety and application possibilities of NOCH products!

Note: Available exclusively at participating NOCH dealers from October 2021.

Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces