Roman Baths Excavation

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Available from 07/2021

Ready-made Structured Hard Foam model
15.4 cm x 11.2 cm, 1.6 cm high


Notice: Model building item

Details Roman Baths Excavation

Interesting finds from the past

What have the archaeologists found here? The new prefabricated model made of Structure Hard Foam "Roman Baths Excavation" brings even more reality to your model landscape. We wonder what all will be found in the Roman Bath of yesteryear - remains of people and animals who lived at that time? Remains of old buildings of the time such as swimming pools and theatres? The excavation also reveals the system of water channels in the past and how people extracted water from the ground with a mill. History is made here on your own model railway when you bring this medieval scene onto a landscape.

Background info
Modellbau Luft

When you think of high-quality plaster models, you think of Modellbau Luft. Manfred Luft is an absolute plaster artist: in the past years he has repeatedly caused a stir with great castles, palaces and other hand-modelled plaster models. He received his “knighthood” in 2004 and has been working for the Miniaturwunderland as a "supplier to the court" ever since. Stalactite caves, castles, knights' tournaments and, in 2016, Pompeii were created for the currently opened new construction phase in Italy. Everything is predominantly handmade. Unique pieces that go down well with the public.

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