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Available from 08/2021

Ready-made Structured Hard Foam model
19 cm x 13.5 cm,
5 cm high

Notice: Model building item

Details Cemetery

A sad place to say goodbye

Another new ready-made model made of the well-known Structure Hard Foam is the " Cemetery". A place of mourning, saying goodbye to loved ones and rest. Especially for the relatives it is very difficult to say goodbye to a loved one who leaves you forever. It is all the more beautiful when you can go to the grave of the deceased at the cemetery at any time and find the certain closeness to him here. A place of retreat and closeness to the people who have unfortunately passed away.
A scene, which belongs to life and should not be missing on any model layout.

Background info
Modellbau Luft

When you think of high-quality plaster models, you think of Modellbau Luft. Manfred Luft is an absolute plaster artist: in the past years he has repeatedly caused a stir with great castles, palaces and other hand-modelled plaster models. He received his “knighthood” in 2004 and has been working for the Miniaturwunderland as a "supplier to the court" ever since. Stalactite caves, castles, knights' tournaments and, in 2016, Pompeii were created for the currently opened new construction phase in Italy. Everything is predominantly handmade. Unique pieces that go down well with the public.

Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces