NOCH New Items 2020

The Four Seasons in Miniature!

Figures H0, TT and N
Follow us through the four seasons! Whether it’s cycling in spring, swimming in summer, playing the alphorn in autumn or skating in winter – NOCH Figures cut a fine figure all year round! Speaking of »spring«: we’re especially delighted to introduce you to samesex couples this year! Long overdue in the age of the LGBTQ movement!

Figures Gauge 0
This year, NOCH is expanding its 0 gauge range with themed figures relating to forestry and agriculture. The figures are thus not only ideal for use on 0 gauge model railways in the scale 1:45 but also fit tractors and agricultural vehicles by Schuco in the scale 1:43. So, you can design great dioramas with them.

Figures Gauge 1
Bit by bit, the NOCH Figures range is growing. From autumn 2020, figures will be available for gauge 1. To be able to design your model locomotives, carriages and platforms, five matching Figures Sets will be released in the scale 1:32.

Sound Scenes H0
Thanks to the compact design of the electronic board with loudspeaker, sound can be installed precisely where it should be. The sound module can be connected to a standard 16 V model railway transformer. Suitable for AC or DC.

Walls made of Hard Foam H0
Hard Foam Walls are perfect boundaries for model buildings, fields, plots and the like. The walls are made of high-grade NOCH Structured Hard Foam and thus look extremely realistic. Another advantage of NOCH Hard Foam is that it is easy to work with. The walls are separated from the support plate with a craft knife. They can then be shaped and coloured with hot air or hot water.

Themed Figures Sets H0
A model landscape is and remains a small, intact world that we can create as we like. In keeping with this year’s focus theme, »The Four Seasons«, we have developed a completely new product line: NOCH Themed Figures! Each theme contains figures and extensive, finely detailed accessories that allow you to design your favourite scenes in your model world to your heart’s content. All parts are intricately painted by hand and enhance every model landscape.

Exclusive Ornamental Sets H0, TT, N
Deserted farmyards, forests without forest rangers and no time for a bike tour? Not on our watch! Because among the NOCH Ornamental Sets, you are guaranteed to find lots of ideas you can use as a small scene on your model landscape. The sets each contain figures and matching trees and offer a saving of over 10% compared to buying them separately. So, decorating empty spaces in the landscape with great scenes is worthwhile!

HO 3D Structured Roofs and Walls
We have succeeded in significantly improving the well-known NOCH 3D Structured Textures. The new, large,
28 x 10 cm flexible sheets are threedimensionally structured and have a super-realistic surface. The 3D Structured Roofs and Walls are made from the natural raw materials quartz sand and mineral powder, which guarantee a very natural-looking surface and great feel. The 3D Structured Roofs and Walls are therefore the first choice for demanding hobbyists who value realistic and detailed models. Due to innovative production technology based on a thin but stable backing fabric and using solvent-free bonding agents, the 3D Structured Roofs and Walls are highly flexible.

Embossed Walls, Roofs and Walls for Customised Models in H0 and N Gauge
We first presented our 3D Cardboard Sheets for H0 gauge last year. This year, we are expanding our portfolio and are also presenting 3D Cardboard Sheets for N gauge for the first time. The 3D Cardboard Sheets are printed on thick cardboard in realistic matt colours and then press formed. This creates a beautiful surface. Wall, roof and wooden sheets can be easily cut with a pair of scissors or a craft knife. Since they are made of high-quality cardboard, they can be bent and fixed to the landscape with a hot glue gun or NOCH Landscaping Glue. For example, plastic bridge piers or simply walls and portals made of plywood or chipboard can be realistically clad. To simplify the designing of tunnel portals for you, a cutting pattern is printed on the cardboard sheets, which are suitable for tunnel portals in H0, TT and N scale widths. There’s no limit to your imagination!

Road Decoration Set H0
You can turn an ordinary road into a professional model road with this set! With the help of the supplied kerbs and traffic islands, you can steer the flow of traffic in the right direction. Signposting can be implemented perfectly with 301 traffic signs and signposts. 60 posts are included in the Road Decoration Set, to which you can attach signs. Other signs can be affixed to house walls, lampposts, etc. Manhole covers and gullies provide the finishing touches to your roads. It couldn’t be more realistic: the only thing we don’t offer for your »ideal world« is potholes.

NOCH Gras-Master 3.0 and Gras-Master 3.0 PROFI
The NOCH Gras-Master 3.0 PROFI was developed to meet modelling professionals’ highest demands. A power output of up to 16 kV charges the grass fibres electrostatically. Depending on the length of the grass, one of the enclosed sieves (fine, medium or coarse) is used. In conjunction with the NOCH Grass Fibres you can create super-realistic lush meadows, natural grassy areas, pastures, fields, ornamental lawns and much more. And very easily, too! First coat the substrate with the specially developed NOCH Grass Glue load the drum of the Gras-Master 3.0 PROFI with the desired grass fibres, screw on the appropriate sieve and connect the counter-pole cable to intensify the effect with the substrate, and off you go. The model meadow of your dreams is formed in next to no time! The power supply is provided by eight 1.5 V AA batteries, which guarantee an operating time of approx. 10 to 12 hours. A red LED indicates that the device is in operation. Please pay close attention to the attached instructions for use.

The NOCH Gras-Master 3.0 is kind of the »little brother« of the PROFI variant. And like all little brothers, he has what it takes! More compact, agile and yet powerful; that’s how you could describe the Gras-Master 3.0. The centrepiece is a 9 V battery. This one was also used in the Gras-Master and Gras-Master 2.0. Due to the battery’s smaller dimensions, the device is more compact and consequently slightly lighter than the Gras-Master 3.0 PROFI. Its power output, however, is only marginally lower. So, it is ideal for every home’s model railway, diorama, landscape and any quick, spontaneous tasks. The device comes with three sieve attachments (fine, medium and coarse). First coat the substrate with the specially developed NOCH Grass Glue load the drum of the Gras-Master 3.0 with the desired grass fibres, screw on the appropriate sieve and connect the counter-pole cable to intensify the effect with the substrate, and off you go. The model meadow of your dreams is formed in next to no time! The power supply is provided by one 9 V battery, which guarantees an operating time of approx. 3 to 4 hours. A red LED indicates that the device is in operation. Please pay close attention to the attached instructions for use.

Sieves Set, 3 parts – for the NOCH Gras-Master 3.0 or the Gras-Master 3.0 PROFI
The Sieves Set contains one fine, one medium and one coarse sieve. The rule of thumb is the shorter the grass fibre, the finer the sieve. For 2.5 mm long grass fibres, use the fine sieve. For 12 mm long grass fibres, the coarse sieve, etc. But dare to experiment, too: if you place long grass fibres in the medium sieve, fewer fibres will reach the substrate. Dry, sparse meadows can be depicted in this way, or different grass fibres can be carefully mixed together on the substrate. There’s no limit to your imagination!

Grass Flocking Templates, 5 pieces
The Grass Flocking Templates are a small but excellent innovation! As soon as you have them in your hands, you wonder why they never existed before! You can easily design partially covered areas with the templates. This results in edges, tufts, strips, areas and various patches of grass. You can use the templates in two ways: either apply Grass Glue onto the substrate first, loosely hold the template over it and then flock through the gap onto the wet glue or you can spray Spray Glue »Haftfix« onto a surface using a template resting on the substrate. You can then flock without holding the template. Individual gaps in the templates can be blocked with masking tape. Again, dare to experiment!

Grass Fibres with 4 mm and 9 mm lengths
Our motto is »NOCH... Just Like the Original« and we take that seriously! Therefore, it’s no wonder that we have one of the largest assortments of grass fibres in many different lengths and colour hues. With the different shades of green, you can design realistic meadows, pastures, reeds or marshes in next to no time. Dried grasses can be depicted with the beige and brown fibres. Our muted colours are ideally suited to North American, Southern European and Asian landscapes. We’re expanding our assortment this year with 6 new items in muted colours, in lengths of 4 and 9 mm.

PROFI Fir Trees and Spruces for the gauge 0, H0, TT and N
And it gets even better: in line with our motto »… just like the original«, we have once again improved our popular Nordmann firs and spruces. The new filigree needles are electrostatically flocked. NOCH PROFI Trees thus look even more realistic.

Grass Tufts in muted colours with 6 mm or 12 mm length
We round off the range of grass fibres in muted colours with the Grass Tufts. They are ideal for realistically designing edges of forests, natural and wild meadows, country lanes, shores and much more. The small tufts look super-realistic and find a spot in every model landscape.

Tree with Tweeting Bird H0
Spring is finally here! The birds return, settle in the trees and tweet and sing again. The days get longer, and the weather gets better. One of the most beautiful seasons! The birds are packed loose and not yet glued on the branches. So you can decide with which birds and where you would like to decorate your lime tree. Temporary Glue is perfect for fixing. The sound module can be connected to a standard 16 V model railway  transformer. Suitable for AC or DC.

Tree with Treehouse N
This mighty oak with a lovingly designed treehouse is a very special eye-catcher on every model landscape. The Treehouse is a ready-made laser-cut building.

Platform System for Märklin® C-Track made of Structured Hard Foam
With the new platform system made of the well-known NOCH Structured Hard Foam we offer fans of Märklin® C-Track a perfect and at the same time very simple method of creating realistic platforms. The platforms are ideal for all railway layouts in eras III and IV.

micro-motion Cross-Country Ski Trail with Apres-Ski Cabin H0
Of course, winter must not be missed with NOCH’s focus theme »The Four Seasons«! And what could be more fun than skiing and partying in cabins? The micro-motion Cross-Country Ski Trail really gets the skiers moving. Thanks to an easy-to-install power unit, the cross-country skiers move around the ski trail as if by magic, doing their laps. The power unit and figures are prepared so that the model kit can be easily adapted to your particular installation set-up. After a long day of skiing, the after-party can of course not be missed, and so the skiers return to »Joseph’s Pub« after the last trip for a hearty evening in the cabin and an extensive après-ski party! The model kit contains a ready-to-connect motor with power unit that drives a subterranean chain studded with magnets. On the surface, skiers equipped with metallic plates move in a circle. A real highlight on your model landscape! The model is limited to 1,000 pieces. A numbered certificate, detailed instructions for assembly and wiring, as well as special Laser-Cut Adhesive are included.

Laser-Cut minis H0 and N
The successful Laser-Cut minis series is an integral part of the NOCH range. We are delighted to expand the series with some new gems.

Laser-Cut Kitsgauge 0
The new modelling kits are not only for model railways; they can also be used with the new Figures to build forestry and agriculture dioramas. Matching model vehicles can be found e. g. in the Schuco range. The Laser-Cut Kits are made of high-grade cardboard. By lasering it, it is aged naturally during the production process. This makes the models more realistic than plastic models.

Laser-Cut Kitsgauge Z
»Finally!« – many Z fans will think. From 2020, a complete building ensemble for constructing a village or an entire small town will be available from NOCH. The Station kit »Zeil« comes with an entrance hall and a small railway station. The old town buildings can be arranged together with the estate to form a small settlement. And if you want to develop your rural settings, meadows and fields, you will be delighted with the barns and the small chapel in Z gauge.

Model Railway in a Briefcase gauge Z
Thanks to NOCH, anyone going on a trip doesn’t necessarily have to do without their favourite hobby. Travel friendly, in a handy compact format, as well as fully functional, the model railway layout in a case can simply be brought along with you.

Christmas LayoutZ
Model railway pleasure, Christmas decoration and the ultimate gift for every model railway fan – the adorable NOCH »Winter Magic« Christmas Layout encompasses all that. This little snow-covered village gleams with Christmassy splendour. The high-quality NOCH Laser-Cut Buildings and Christmas tree are illuminated and the four tree candles make this trinket a real highlight of Advent.

Easy-Track Railway Route Kit »Karlsberg« gauge H0
Easy-Track is a model railway reconceptualised, because Easy-Track relieves you of the time-consuming and painstaking steps of track planning. You immediately start building your personalised model railway layout in the size of 190 cm x 120 cm. Easy-Track contains everything you need to get cracking on building the layout: the lines for your custom dream layout are already pre-cut, the stands for the route only have to be stuck together, and detailed instructions illustrate how to build the Easy-Track Railway Route System. And of course all the important track plans are included in the Railway Route Kit – see product highlights. All you need are tracks from the manufacturer of your choice and a base plate. Thanks to the well thought out Easy-Track System, building your track layout goes off without a hitch.

Diorama Kits for the gauge 0, H0, TT, N, Z and for track-independent scenes and figures
This fantastic craft kit contains everything you need to get started straightaway. You don’t need anything other than a little time and leisure. You’ll discover your creative abilities and be amazed by the results of your handiwork. Everything is included in a Diorama Kit for you to make a start on your creative handicrafts straightaway. Each Diorama Kit contains a high-quality, hand-painted base made of the well-known NOCH Structured Hard Foam. In addition, Trees, Bushes, Scatter Material, Stones, Groundcover, Grass Tufts and other crafting material for landscaping and decoration are included. No additional tools are needed because some small work tools and glue are included in the set. Finally, depending on the kit, there are also Accessories and Figures in H0 gauge (1:87), but of course, the appeal of designing also lies in installing your favourite Figures in any size and scale according to your own taste in the scene.

NOCH Kreativ
Crafting and decorating away from the model railway is the motto! So, look at the NOCH kreativ website and sign up for the newsletter to make sure you don’t miss out on any more new crafting ideas!

Tabletop scenery make your gaming table a unique place. The more distinctive the constructions are on your gaming table, the more imposing the overall impression, the more varied, diverse and artful the game becomes. ZITERDES offers a large selection of different constructions that can be completely customised by painting and designing them as you like. Alongside town and country houses, you’ll find magnificent castles, manor houses and inns, as well as vast city walls with large towers. All models are made of the ingenious NOCH Structured Hard Foam! They are therefore extremely sturdy, but still very lightweight.

This »Glacier Express« advertising slogan celebrates the partnership between the Rhaetian Railway® and the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway, which was initiated in 2018. To mark this occasion, KATO is launching the N gauge loco.

The legendary BIG BOY UP #4014 is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. Athearn will be releasing the legend for you with special commemorative box editions for H0 & Ngauge. Don't miss it!

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