New Items 2018

This year, NOCH managed to assemble a colourful assortment of creative, interesting, and innovative new items, yet again, all revolving around model landscaping and the model railway hobby. The 2018 NOCH focus theme is called »Country Delights« and you will find an overview of all of the 2018 New NOCH Items below, with some additional information:

0 Scale Figures

More and more railroad modellers have become enthusiastic about the big scale 0 and have requested matching figures. With Engine Drivers & Firemen, Passengers, Shunters and Railway Officials we would like to satisfy this desire!


Foliage is an essential product for creating high-quality model landscapes and is used in several areas. Using foliage, soils appear in more natural colours and realistic structures; riverbanks and forest edges have an effect of natural vegetation; bushes and trees are enhanced by the foliage volume, so appear more realistic.

Deco Minis H0

The Deco Minis are arranged and thus, small pre-finished vegetable fields with different plants are created. Whether tomato plants, cauliflowers, white or red cabbage, with the Deco Minis you conjure instant realistic beds and allotments. Just pick the Deco Minis from the packaging and glue it on the desired position in your model landscape.

Structure Roads H0

The NOCH Structure Roads are made of natural raw materials like quartz sand and rock powder. This guarantees a natural surface look and feel, as well as a realistic appearance and a very high UV resistance. The Structure Roads are therefore the first choice for any ambitious hobbyist.

New items for realistic model water

Water structuring is one of the most sophisticated topics in model landscaping. To enable you to easily and quickly achieve the best results, NOCH has developed three new water products. The improvements and innovations are in the details: all three new items are completely (real) water-based!

Laser-Cut Kit Chicken Farm »Hot Chicken« with micro-sound H0

Beside eggs from happy hens, we hear Resi is offering other »services« in the attic room of her Chicken Farm. The hustle of Resi’s girls can only be seen by lighting up the interior. As the roof windows are mirrored, they only become transparent when the interior lighting is activated. Wow! The appropriate sound – keyword: »Hot Chicken« – completes this set and at the end it will also be yodeled!

Laser-Cut Kit Haunted House with micro-sound Ghost Howling and Light Effects

The Haunted House is straight from a horror movie! Not only does the look of the decaying frontage provoke goose bumps: in the inside, ghosts are haunting the house itself! Four small but (more or less) scary ghosts are lit by light effects; flashes and fluorescent effects fascinate the observer! In addition to this, scary groans, creaking and a lot more creepy sounds are heard via the integral micro-sound chip.

Model Railway Briefcase Layouts

Never miss your beloved hobby when travelling. Safely packed and ready-torun in a briefcase, your model railway will always be part of your journeys. All briefcase layouts are made of high-quality NOCH structured hard foam, hand-painted and nicely decorated.
Foliage, light green Foliage, light green Item Ref.: 07270
Foliage, dark green Foliage, dark green Item Ref.: 07271
Foliage, olive green Foliage, olive green Item Ref.: 07272
Hay Bales Hay Bales Item Ref.: 07460
On the Platform On the Platform Item Ref.: 12520
On the Farm On the Farm Item Ref.: 12540
Cattle Shelter Cattle Shelter Item Ref.: 12542
In the Forest In the Forest Item Ref.: 12545
On the Platform On the Platform Item Ref.: 12720
On the Farm On the Farm Item Ref.: 12740
Cattle Shelter Cattle Shelter Item Ref.: 12742
In the Forest In the Forest Item Ref.: 12745
Felling Trees Felling Trees Item Ref.: 12843
Cow Pasture Cow Pasture Item Ref.: 12851
Christmas  Christmas Item Ref.: 12897
Telegraph Poles Telegraph Poles Item Ref.: 13160
Tomato Plants Tomato Plants Item Ref.: 13215
Cauliflower Cauliflower Item Ref.: 13216
White Cabbage White Cabbage Item Ref.: 13217
Red Cabbage Red Cabbage Item Ref.: 13218
Pumpkin Pumpkin Item Ref.: 13219
Hay Harvest Set Hay Harvest Set Item Ref.: 13723
Turnip Harvest Set Turnip Harvest Set Item Ref.: 13724
Dairy Farming Set Dairy Farming Set Item Ref.: 13725
Thuja  Thuja Item Ref.: 14021
Rose Arch Rose Arch Item Ref.: 14022
Mediterranean Plants Mediterranean Plants Item Ref.: 14023
Palms Palms Item Ref.: 14024
Flagstones Flagstones Item Ref.: 14221
House Boat House Boat Item Ref.: 14224
Drying Frame Drying Frame Item Ref.: 14250
Hay Racks Hay Racks Item Ref.: 14251
Bakery Bakery Item Ref.: 14335
Mountain Shelter Mountain Shelter Item Ref.: 14339
Resting Place Resting Place Item Ref.: 14366
Chicken Shed Chicken Shed Item Ref.: 14378
Cattle Shelter	Cattle Shelter Item Ref.: 14379
Mulled-Wine Stall Mulled-Wine Stall Item Ref.: 14393
Flagstones Flagstones Item Ref.: 14431
House Boat House Boat Item Ref.: 14437
Resting Place Resting Place Item Ref.: 14474
Mulled-Wine Stall Mulled-Wine Stall Item Ref.: 14483
Bakery Bakery Item Ref.: 14488
Flagstones Flagstones Item Ref.: 14631
House Boat House Boat Item Ref.: 14637
Resting Place Resting Place Item Ref.: 14674
Mulled-Wine Stall Mulled-Wine Stall Item Ref.: 14683
Bakery Bakery Item Ref.: 14688
Funeral Accessories  Funeral Accessories Item Ref.: 14874
Forest Workers Forest Workers Item Ref.: 15061
Watering the Flowers Watering the Flowers Item Ref.: 15570
Washday Washday Item Ref.: 15595
Harvesters Harvesters Item Ref.: 15613
Farmers Farmers Item Ref.: 15617
Cows, black-white Cows, black-white Item Ref.: 15725
Cows, brown-white Cows, brown-white Item Ref.: 15726
Cows, brown Cows, brown Item Ref.: 15727
Sheep and Shepherd Sheep and Shepherd Item Ref.: 15748
Sheep Sheep Item Ref.: 15749
Zombies Zombies Item Ref.: 15800
Vampires Vampires Item Ref.: 15801
Fishermen Fishermen Item Ref.: 15892
Railway Officials  Railway Officials Item Ref.: 17800
Shunters  Shunters Item Ref.: 17820
Passengers Passengers Item Ref.: 17850
Sitting People  Sitting People Item Ref.: 17860
Pine Tree, 12 cm high Pine Tree, 12 cm high Item Ref.: 21911
Pine Tree, 15 cm high Pine Tree, 15 cm high Item Ref.: 21914
Spruce Tree Spruce Tree Item Ref.: 21922
Signal Base, small Signal Base, small Item Ref.: 34304
Signal Base, big Signal Base, big Item Ref.: 34305
Signal Niche Signal Niche Item Ref.: 34306
Shunters Shunters Item Ref.: 36275
Dogs Dogs Item Ref.: 36717
Children in Snow Children in Snow Item Ref.: 36819
Christmas Market Christmas Market Item Ref.: 36926
City Cleaning City Cleaning Item Ref.: 45029
Service Staff Service Staff Item Ref.: 45070
Shunters Shunters Item Ref.: 45275
Children in Snow Children in Snow Item Ref.: 45819
Mountaineers Mountaineers Item Ref.: 45871
Wall, 33 x 12,5 cm  Wall, 33 x 12,5 cm Item Ref.: 58272
Creepy Graveyard Creepy Graveyard Item Ref.: 58585
Waves and Billows  Waves and Billows Item Ref.: 60861
Foam & Spume Foam & Spume Item Ref.: 60862
Artificial Water XL  Artificial Water XL Item Ref.: 60874
Scenery Set Scenery Set "Alps" Item Ref.: 63616
Grinding Mill  Grinding Mill Item Ref.: 63707
Scenery Set Scenery Set "Alps" Item Ref.: 65616
"Honau" Station Item Ref.: 66007
Outhouse “Honau”  Outhouse “Honau” Item Ref.: 66103
Grinding Mill Grinding Mill Item Ref.: 66707
Layout Layout "Meran" Item Ref.: 87000
Layout Layout "Interlaken" Item Ref.: 87005
Layout Layout "Serfaus" Item Ref.: 87010
Layout Layout "St. Anton" Item Ref.: 87015
Layout Layout "Garmisch" Item Ref.: 87045