New Items 2017

This year, NOCH managed to assemble a colourful assortment of creative, interesting, and innovative new items, yet again, all revolving around model landscaping and the model railway hobby. The 2017 NOCH focus theme is »Hobby & Leisure« and  you will find an overview of all of the 2017 New NOCH Items below, with some additional information:

20 Years NOCH Figures

This year NOCH celebrates a small anniversary: 20 years of NOCH figures. The first NOCH figures were launched onto the market in 1997 and, in the meantime, our product range has grown to more then 250 figure sets. On top of that, more than 500 individual figures are available on, since October 2016. Look forward to amazing offers and great promotional deals. The Z scale figures are completely new to our product range, and they will be available at dealers in March.

PROFI Ballast and Rocks

Starting in March, the NOCH Ballast and Rocks assortment grows even further, with new sets of ballast and rocks. They have a fine, nature-like granulation and a realistic colouring. The track bed ballast comes in four different colour shades, every pack contains 250 g at € 2.49 each. There are two granulations for every colour shade, a coarse one for H0/TT and a finer one for N/Z. Through mixing and matching the different colour shades, you can create your very own unique shades. There are three new gravel granulations are available now for the re-creation and decoration of mountain sides, rock walls, lake and river beds. All of them come at a favourable price € 2.49. The three different granulations can be used individually, or mixed at will.

Structure Flock

The NOCH Structure Flock is a new development for the creation of nature-like vegetation. The flock made from hardfoam is ground and offered in three different granulations – fine, medium, and coarse – and in four realistic shades of dull green: May green, bright green, medium green, and dark green. This means the Structure Flock is suitable for a variety of different applications, such as the flocking of trees, or designing groundcover vegetation, or small bushes. The fine Structure Flock is 3 mm strong and it is offered in bags of 20 g each.

The Hobby-Trees for H0/TT and N/Z

In March, the Mega-Economy Set with completely re-worked Hobby-Trees in different colour shades and shapes are launched: Tree trunks and root stocks are even more realistic and the tree flock’s colours are even more saturated and natural. The fir trees have un-evenly cut tree branches, and the model spruces, additionally, bright green branch tips. Despite the improved quality, the prices the tree sets’ prices stay the same.

Rock Forming System

One of the highlights of the new NOCH items is the Rock Forming System, which will be available starting in July. Self-moulded rocks are cost-efficient and they are ideal for the decoration of larger rock sections. Whether, a mountain massif or a railway embankment with individual rocks: the number of rocks replicated with this method through a single Rock Former has almost no limit. Six different Rock Formers are available for € 11.99 each. All of them have 24 x 12 cm dimensions.

Viaduct »Ravenna«, made from NOCH Structure Hardfoam

The impressive original and prototype for this model is located in the Black Forest’s »Höllental« (»Hell Valley«). The stone viaduct with nine arches and an arch span of 20 meters was built between 1926 and 1928. The miniature viaduct consists out of a bridge with three bridge pries and is modular in a way that allows any model railway enthusiast to adapted the bridge to requirements of his model landscape.

Laser-Cut Kit »Rock-Festival« with micro-motion in H0

The stage is a Pre-formed Laser-Cut Kit, equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack suitable for all audio devices. This way, you can hear your own music on the rock stage, played, for example, from a MP3–player or a smartphone. Two speakers are responsible for the sound and they are supported by a processor-controlled lighting console which strobes with the music’s rhythm. While in sleep mode, the stage lights up in blue. The stars on the back wall and the »Let’s Rock ‘n’ Roll« banner are also illuminated. The Building Kit contains 16 LEDs, the included figure set »Band« brings the necessary atmosphere and life to the stage. The connection is made with a common 16 V model transformer, suitable for AC/DC. The model is limited to 1,000 units. A numbered certificate and a comprehensive construction and electronics manual are enclosed with the kit.

PROFI Rocks PROFI Rocks "Coal" Item Ref.: 09203
PROFI Rocks PROFI Rocks "Rubble" Item Ref.: 09228
PROFI Rocks PROFI Rocks "Rubble" Item Ref.: 09230
PROFI Rocks PROFI Rocks "Rubble" Item Ref.: 09232
On the Platform On the Platform Item Ref.: 12900
Street Musicians Street Musicians Item Ref.: 12905
On the Farm On the Farm Item Ref.: 12910
On the Platform On the Platform Item Ref.: 12950
Street Musicians Street Musicians Item Ref.: 12955
On the Farm On the Farm Item Ref.: 12960
Track Turning Machine  Track Turning Machine Item Ref.: 13643
Track Lifting Device  Track Lifting Device Item Ref.: 13644
Drainage Pump  Drainage Pump Item Ref.: 13752
Vegetable Garden Set  Vegetable Garden Set Item Ref.: 14107
Orchard Set  Orchard Set Item Ref.: 14109
Gravestones Gravestones Item Ref.: 14211
Kerbs Kerbs Item Ref.: 14219
Coping Stones  Coping Stones Item Ref.: 14236
Sauna with View  Sauna with View Item Ref.: 14397
Station Kiosk Station Kiosk Item Ref.: 14413
Raised Hide  Raised Hide Item Ref.: 14433
Chicken Shed Chicken Shed Item Ref.: 14478
Cattle Shelter Cattle Shelter Item Ref.: 14479
Station Kiosk Station Kiosk Item Ref.: 14613
Raised Hide  Raised Hide Item Ref.: 14633
Chicken Shed Chicken Shed Item Ref.: 14678
Cattle Shelter Cattle Shelter Item Ref.: 14679
Children Children Item Ref.: 15809
Snowboarders  Snowboarders Item Ref.: 15826
Skiers  Skiers Item Ref.: 15827
Tennis Players Tennis Players Item Ref.: 15880
Golfers Golfers Item Ref.: 15885
Paragliders  Paragliders Item Ref.: 15886
Modellers  Modellers Item Ref.: 15887
Mountainbikers  Mountainbikers Item Ref.: 15899
Referees and Trainers  Referees and Trainers Item Ref.: 15989
Police Officers Police Officers Item Ref.: 18000
Railway Officials Railway Officials Item Ref.: 18010
Passengers Passengers Item Ref.: 18117
Sitting People Sitting People Item Ref.: 18132
Shepherd and Sheep Shepherd and Sheep Item Ref.: 18210
Horses Horses Item Ref.: 18215
Track Workers Track Workers Item Ref.: 36277
Hunting Hunting Item Ref.: 36731
Children Children Item Ref.: 36809
Football Team  Football Team Item Ref.: 36965
Football Team  Football Team Item Ref.: 36967
Travellers Travellers Item Ref.: 44201
Pedestrians Pedestrians Item Ref.: 44202
Sitting People Sitting People Item Ref.: 44203
Cows, black-white Cows, black-white Item Ref.: 44250
Cows, brown-white Cows, brown-white Item Ref.: 44251
Cows, brown Cows, brown Item Ref.: 44252
Track Workers Track Workers Item Ref.: 45277
Hunting Hunting Item Ref.: 45731
Children Children Item Ref.: 45809
Football Team  Football Team Item Ref.: 45965
Football Team  Football Team Item Ref.: 45967
Rock Fall Barriers Rock Fall Barriers Item Ref.: 58152
Rock Wall Rock Wall "Basalt" Item Ref.: 58462
Quarrystone Viaduct Quarrystone Viaduct Item Ref.: 58668
Rhône Viaduct Rhône Viaduct Item Ref.: 58671
Ravenna Viaduct Ravenna Viaduct Item Ref.: 58675
Landscaping Wire Mesh Landscaping Wire Mesh Item Ref.: 60833
Orangery Orangery Item Ref.: 66801
Steel Bridge Steel Bridge Item Ref.: 67038
Street Marking Pens  Street Marking Pens Item Ref.: 91950