Modelling and Precision Oil Pen

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Available from 02/2020

12 ml

Notice: Model building item

Details Modelling and Precision Oil Pen

It Works!

The design of the innovative and patented Oil Pen is based on a pen. This makes it particularly easy to hold.
Applying an oil drop with precision is thus much easier than when using a conventional lubricator - because the Modelling and Precision Oil Pen is ergonomically shaped!

The oil, specially developed for modellers and precision mechanics, is acid- and resin-free. It is characterised by a viscosity that perfectly fulfils the requirements of modelling. Ideal for oiling locomotives, waggons, gears, functional models, RC model vehicles, slot cars and other precision mechanics items.

Completely resin- and acid-free!

Contents: 12.00 ml
Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces