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The new Laser-Cut minis kits 17.10.2018 Attention to the Detail... Discover now the new Laser-Cut minis kits! Now available!
The great NOCH Tree Lottery
»The Forest Calls« 30.09.2018 The great NOCH Tree Lottery with Exciting Prizes at a Total Value of more than € 1,000!
Season News 2018/2019
Season News 2018/2019 25.09.2018 Just in time for the modelling season. NOCH presents the season news 2018/2019
New items 2018
Further NOCH novelties for model gardening and landscaping decorations 17.09.2018 Discover further NOCH novelties for model gardening and landscaping decorations!
Cover Catalogue 2019/2020
At last it is available... 05.09.2018 ...the new 2019/2020 NOCH Catalogue is here! Over 2,000 products and useful crafting tips on 356 pages.
New Items 2018
Coarse Stones Delicately Processed 03.09.2018 New product at your specialized dealer: The new NOCH walls and portals for the Ravenna Viaduct!
New items 2018
It Couldn´t be More Realistic! 04.08.2018 Now on the way to your specialized dealer: The new Structure Roads in Scale H0!
New items 2018
Discover now the New NOCH items in this Month! 26.07.2018 The new NOCH Road Construction System and Water structuring items are now in delivery and available at your specialized dealer!
New items 2018
Railway Fun Always and Everywhere! 18.07.2018 Never miss your beloved hobby when travelling. Some safely packed and ready-to-run cases are already available!
Neuheiten 2018
New PROFI Fir Trees and PROFI Spruce Trees 29.06.2018 The new PROFI Fir and Spruce Trees are available at your specialised dealer and in the NOCH Online-Shop.