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Neuheit 2018: Telegraph Poles
Get Connected! Telegraph Poles 19.04.2018 Now available in the NOCH Online-Shops and at your specialised dealer: Telegraph Poles.
NOCH Rock Forming System
The »peak« of model rocks! 11.03.2018 Discover items for the NOCH Rock Forming System now at your specialised dealer. 
Figure sets Country Delights
Country Delights are Just so in Vogue! 16.02.2018 Many new Figures Sets of the New Items 2018 are available.
Cover NOCH New Items
NOCH New Items 2018 31.01.2018 Focus Theme 2018 »Country Delights«
New items video 2018
Our New Items Video 2018 28.01.2018 Watch our new items video! Focus Theme 2018 »Country Delights«
Season Promotion 2017
Photo Competition »20 Years NOCH Figures!« 17.01.2018 The winners have been picked!
New in 2017-2018: Christmas Market Stall
Laser-Cut minis Kits 14.12.2017 Welcome to the Christmas Market with the new Laser-Cut Kits!
Neuheit 2017: Romantik-Hotel Schönblick
Laser-Cut Kit Romantic Hotel »Schönblick« 10.12.2017 Time to relax with the new Laser-Cut Kit Romantic Hotel »Schönblick«.
New in 2017: Piano Concert with micro-sound Piano Performance
Laser-Cut Kit Piano Concert with micro-sound Piano Performance 24.11.2017 There is Music in the Air with the Piano Concert with micro-sound Piano Performance.
New in 2017: Orangery
Laser-Cut Kit Orangery 17.11.2017 Leave All Your Worries Behind with the new Laser-Cut Kit »Orangery«!