Here children's dreams come true and vacation feelings are awakened!

Here Comes That Holiday Feeling!

Create your own little Mediterranean landscape on your model landscape. Wonderful Mediterranean flair is breathed into your model landscape with the new NOCH Stone Pine Trees. The Stone Pine Trees give you that holiday feeling, reminiscent of fragrant pine forests and the gentle sound of the sea.

Design a super realistic Mediterranean landscape now!

NEW: ref. 21992 "Stone Pines, H0, TT, N"

Children's Dreams Come True...

This mighty oak with its lovingly designed treehouse is a very special eyecatcher on every model landscape. The treehouse in TT revives memories of great afternoons spent playing with friends in the treehouse! People used to play with friends high up in the treetops. Undisturbed by adults, the treehouse was declared a realm in its own right.

The treehouse is a laser-cut finished model.

NEW: ref. 21767 "Tree with Tree House, TT"

More Mediterranean trees in the NOCH assortment:

Tree with Tree House also available in gauges H0 and N: