Model railroad under the billiard table

Corona prevents the exercise of the actual job? The design of a model railroad bridges this time perfectly!

In 1979, two little boys named Andi & Peter got a model railroad as a Christmas present and never really used it - a pity, actually, as they both thought.

In 2020 came Corona... for the two men the virus, like for many other people, turned their lives upside down. They could no longer do their jobs because of the pandemic. What now? Just sit at home and be bored?

NO the two thought - they brought their model railroad from 1979 back to life and gave free rein to their creativity.
Under their pool table they built an impressive model landscape in just a few months.

See these two men for yourself and be a part of this great story that was able to take place thanks to Corona. Click here for the video.

We are impressed by the story of Andi & Peter! On the so called "Blogger Tuesday" on Instagram we will tell you more great stories. We will also pick up new experiences of Andi & Peter here. Look forward to great stories!

Christmas 1979


The two boys Andi & Peter get their 1st model railroad for Christmas!

Model railroad under the billiard table


Corona got them to unpack their model railroad again and start a new project!