Advent Calendar

Advent ... Advent ... - the perfect time for great surprises!

Advent is just around the corner and the Figure Advent Calendar is now available!
25 figures are waiting for you every day and make the time before Christmas even more beautiful!

Get your own calendar for the pre-Christmas season!
Every day you can look forward to opening a Advent calendar door over a new figure!

Discover the new figure advent calendar in 3 different gauges:


Figures Advent Calendar gauge H0 ref. 15992

Figures Advent Calendar gauge TT ref. 45992

Figures Advent Calendar gauge N ref. 36992


Handicraft Advent Calendar

At pre-Christmas time, the Handicraft Advent Calendar should not be missed in addition to the Figures Advent Calendar!

Discover here:

Go to the Handicraft Advent Calendar gauge H0 ref. 65590