Wrinkle Rocks

Wrinkle Rocks – THE Original from Austria!

Wrinkle Rocks make it easy to create super-realistic rock formations in no time at all. The photorealistic rocks are printed on special paper, which is extremely robust and at the same time easy to wrinkle. Just don't be afraid: the more crazily and fiercely you wrinkle, the finer the structures become in the rock. And it looks really good!
Fitting it in the landscape is incredibly easy. The wrinkled sheet of rock can easily be affixed to the landscape with NOCH Landscaping Glue (ref. 61133). The sheet can easily be bent over the terrain.
NOCH Wrinkle Rocks have been developed in cooperation with the Andreas Dietrich Modelling Studio in Austria. Andreas Dietrich invented the original Wrinkle Rocks a few years ago and has registered this as a trademark.

Advantages of the Wrinkle Rocks:

  • Easy application with a super-realistic result
  • High-quality and UV-resistant print with matt finish
  • Stable special paper – while wrinkling, the edges do not break up


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Modelling Tip: wrinkled the Rocks

1. The Wrinkle Rocks are wrinkled, crumpled and creased!

Modelling Tip: structure

2. This produces a convincing structure.

Modelling Tip: Built into the landscape

3. The Wrinkle Rocks are built into the landscape.

Product Highlights - Wrinkle Rocks:

  • Easy application
  • Photorealistic look
  • High-quality special paper
  • Lightweight
  • Wrinkle Rocks from Austria - THE original!

All NOCH Wringle Rocks are 45 x 25,5 cm!