Haunted House with micro-sound Ghost Howling and Light Effects

Geisterhaus mit micro-sound Geisterheulen und Lichteffekten

NOCH Haunted House in Gauge H0


Ghosts in the Attic and Vampires n the Cellar!

This haunted house is straight from a horror movie! Not only does the look of the decaying frontage provoke goose bumps: in the inside, ghosts are haunting the house itself! Four small but (more or less) scary ghosts are lit by light effects, with flashes and fluorescent effects fascinating the observer! In addition to this, scary groans, creaking and a lot more creepy sounds are heard via the integral micro-sound chip.

The building itself is covered with specially developed laser engravings which let the façade look weathered and crumbling. Elaborated detail on the balconies and the veranda, hint of better days before the spirits and ghosts conquered the house.

The new Laser-Cut Kit »Haunted House with micro-sound Ghost Howling and Light Effects« is available at the NOCH online shop now.

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