Discover now the New NOCH items in this Month!

At the moment there are a few new NOCH items in delivery for your specialized dealer! Some articles are already available at the NOCH Online Shop. Discover now the new Road Construction System and our new products for professional water structuring!

Here you can have a quick look.

Perfect Roads: Do it Yourself!


With the help of the NOCH Road Construction System, you can easily build realistic model roads yourself. The system consists of special Road Construction Structure Paint and a Road Construction Paint Roller.
The innovative Road Construction Structure Paint has been specially developed for model road construction. The special feature of this paint is the adaption to the pattern of the painting tool after application. This offers various design options and depending on the tool with which the Road Construction Structure Paint is applied, new and interesting surface structures can result.

For the creation of an asphalt road we recommend the Road Construction Paint Roller. Thanks to the included foam roller a realistic asphalt structure can be achieved. The two colour shades "asphalt grey" and "asphalt anthracite" are the perfect choice for constructing realistic model roads. Finally the road will be finished with matching street markings. We recommend the NOCH Starter Set Street Markings (ref. 60740), that contains a street marking pen, a curved ruler and special templates.

It Flows, Bulles and Whooshes: Water in Motion!


Water structuring is one of the most sophisticated topics in model landscaping. To enable you to easily and quickly achieve the best results, NOCH have developed three new water products. The improvements and innovations are in the details: all three new items are completely (real) water-based!

The NOCH Artificial Water is surely the easiest way to design a lake, pond or a small creek without a gradient. The 1-component-material does not need to be mixed, but is just used out of the bottle directly into the prepared creek or lake bed. The material loses volume while drying. The composition has been improved to minimize the shrinkage. Now it is possible to fill deeper waters with one cast. The hardening time is dependant on how much artificial water is used. If you cast 2 – 3 mm, it takes approximately 12 hours, at a filling level of 10 mm, about 48 hours to harden. Thereby the artificial water loses roughly 50% of its volume, so in the first example 1 – 1.5 mm remains and in the second example about 5 mm.

So far, a modeller could only choose from the NOCH range the established Water Effects (ref. 60872). To form, for example, high waves on a beach for surfers or a diorama with ships on the high seas, we have developed "Waves and Billows".

»Waves & Billows« is a substance, which is applied on the water surface with the help of a small spatula or toothpick. After rough modelling, let the mass sit for half an hour, before giving it the desired shape by forming with your spatula, toothpick or coarse brush.
Each breaking wave, each whooshing creek and each waterfall rushing down into a mountain lake creates white spume beside the wave. To reconstruct the wonderful highlights on the waves, NOCH »Foam & Spume« has been developed. The fine material can be carefully applied with a brush on appropriate water spots. It gives rapids, cascades and waves the finishing realistic touch. "Foam & Spume" appears more natural because it is not a white colour.
Test it yourself!