Discover now products for model landscaping water in all its fascination at your dealer!

Discover the whole variety at your local dealer

Water is always fascinating, and the creation of natural looking water is a very special, attractive challenge for every modeller. Whether you want to model a mountain stream, a deep blue artificial lake, a large sea or a tiny puddle. This year NOCH launched some great new items for the water assortment.

Beside that new products of 2018 for water structuring you can now discover the whole variety and many suitable products for water applications at your local dealer. 

Here you can see the whole water assortment

Our new Water Highlights:

Ponds, Pools and Puddles ...

New: Artificial Water mini (Art. Ref. 60876)

Sometimes it must be done quickly and you want to create only a small water body. The Artificial Water mini is ideal for modelling a pond in the garden or in a forest, a small puddle or a swimming pool. Just pour the 1-component-material into the prepared water bed. Then just wait until it is dry and hard, and your mini water is ready!

Art. Ref. 60874 Artificial Water XL 

Artificial Water XL is ideally used for the creation of water surfaces on ponds, lakes and brooks.
Application: Paint the lake or creek bed with the NOCH Riverbed Colour Set (ref. 60875) or acrylic colours and let it dry well. The darker the colour, the deeper the water appears. After the colour has dried, the artificial water can be filled up to 2 – 3 mm high into the lake bed in one single cast. Hardening time is approx. 24 hours. While hardening, the artificial water loses approx. 50 % of its volume, so that a water level of 1 – 1,5 mm is achieved. Important: Several layers are not recommended as otherwise the lowest water layer can become cloudy!

Art. Ref. 60861 Waves & Billows

So far, a modeller could only choose from the NOCH range the established Water Effects. To form for example high waves on a beach for surfers or a diorama with ships on the high seas, we have developed »Waves and Billows«.
»Waves & Billows« is a substance, which is applied on the water surface with the help of a small spatula or toothpick. After rough modelling, let the mass sit for half an hour, before giving it the desired shape by forming with your spatula, toothpick or coarse brush.

Art. Ref. 60862 Foam & Spume

Each breaking wave, each whooshing creek and each waterfall rushing down into a mountain lake creates white spume beside the wave. To reconstruct the wonderful highlights on the waves, NOCH "Foam & Spume" has been developed. The fine material can be carefully applied with a brush on appropriate water spots. It gives rapids, cascades and waves the finishing realistic touch. "Foam & Spume" appears more natural because it is not a white colour.

Discover the rich possibilities of modelling water scenes.