Season News 2018/2019

We are glad to present our new items for the 2018/2019 season.
NOCH starts the new modelling season with a few new products. This year we have to mention the brand new Handicraft Advent Calendar with crafting material, laser-cut minis, figures and accessories in chronological order! Furthermore there are a lot of other products for Christmas season to discover: New Illuminated Christmas Trees, a new set for the Laser-Cut Christmas Market and a new Christmas Deco Scene. 

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We wish you much fun when browsing through and discovering the NOCH novelties.
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The Great Crafting Fun for Every Day of the Advent Season!

Handicraft Advent Calendar »Christmas Market«

The NOCH Handicraft Advent Calendar is brand new! From 1st to 24th December each little door includes crafting material, laser-cut minis, figures and accessories in chronological order. So you can go on with your craft work step by step every day! Thus, a small, snowy Christmas market with market stalls, manger, pyramid and lots of visitors will be realised in 24 days. For the assembly, the Christmas Market needs a surface of 20 x 20 cm. You can install it either in your existing model landscape or create an individual topic related diorama.

Expected release: October 2018



Always a nice Idea!

Figures Advent Calendar H0, TT and N
The Figures Advent Calendar in DIN A3 Format is with its beautiful cover picture a real eye-catcher. Look forward to a new figure every day when opening one of the small doors – an ideal gift for all modellers!

Expected release: October 2018


Green Christmas!

Illuminated Christmas Trees
The Christmas Tree is the star of any Christmas celebration. Whether it's a small tree in the living room or a large tree in the middle of the market square at a Christmas market, the Christmas spirit is awakened as soon as the lights come on. The NOCH Christmas Trees are equipped with warm white LEDs, which radiate pleasantly warm light, similar to a string of fairy lights with lightbulbs.The connection is made to the light output of a standard 16 V model railway transformer. Suitable for AC or DC power supply. Alternatively, operation is possible via a 12 V power supply unit (500 mA, AC/DC).

Expected release: October 2018


On the Christmas Market

Laser-Cut minis Christmas Market Entry Arch
The richly decorated Christmas Market Entry Arch is made of real wood and perfectly matches the Laser-Cut minis Christmas Market Stalls from last year. The Entry Arch comes with labels in German, English, French, Spanish and Dutch.

Expected release: October 2018

Silent Night, Holy Night...

Deco Scene Christmas Manger
The small deco scene Christmas Manger contains aready-assembled Laser-Cut minis Manger as well as all important figures. With this small deco scene you can decorate your model landscape or design a diorama or even use it as decoration on a window ledge or on the advent table.

Expected release: October 2018