Finally harvest time is here: Deco Minis, 3D Minis and Ornamental Plants

Get ready for gardening and harvesting! Discover the new Ornamental Plants, the new Deco Minis and 3D minis for your hobby! These products are all about the perfect decoration for your layout or diorama with little plants and accessories. Handcrafted items and objects for parks, buildings, pedestrian zones, gardens and much more are waiting for you.

All products are already available in the hobby shops. Many of those items you can also already find in the NOCH online shop on

Gardening can be so Easy!


Deco Minis

These Deco Minis are small, prefabricated vegetable plots with different plants. Whether tomatoes, cauliflower, white or red cabbage, the Deco Minis allow you to "conjure up" realistic flower beds and allotments at the drop of a hat. Just remove the Deco minis from its packaging and stick it in the appropriate spot on your model landscape.

For the Perfect Decoration

Ornamental Plants

The complexly crafted ornamental plants are a wonderful decoration for parks, buildings, gardens, pedestrian zones and many more places too.

Nostalgia in Perfection!

3D minis

Do you remember the days of being a child and being allowed to help at the hay harvest? Or the milk churns, which were used in the past to get the milk directly from the farmer? Rekindle these memories with highly detailed and hand-painted 3D minis on your model landscape!