Coarse Stones Delicately Processed

For the new Hard Foam Series »Granite Wall« has our modelling artist come up with something special for this stone wall: the roughly cut granite stone is set into the limelight. Delicate details like turrets, battlements and cornices put the portals into the centre of attention of your model railroad layout and are a real eye-catcher.

For the Ravenna Viaduct the same stone is processed and therefore the wall of this series can easily be used to create, for example, appropriate bridgeheads.
By the way: the stone is big enough for all in scale 0.

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Modelling Tip: Advantage of the NOCH Hard Foam Walls and Portals

Modelling Tip: Step 1

Hard Foam walls and portals are very easy to process.
Measure the required area and draw them on the wall.

Modelling Tip: Step 2

The products can be cut with a jigsaw, a tenen saw or a sharp knife (eg. a box cutter).


Modelling Tip: Step 3

For finishing and detail works, sand paper of all grains is suitable. All hardfoam elements can, of course, also be manipulated with a wood rasp, as well as a fine key file.

Modelling Tip: Step 4

Should you wish to shape the elements into a different form, you may heat them with a blow dryer. The heated material can be bent into the desired form. When the cooled-down material will maintain its altered form.