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The NOCH Rock Forming System

Design Realistic Rock Faces and Mountain Sides at a Favourable Price!

The NOCH Rock Formers enable you to create these important landscaping elements on your own, with surprisingly realistic results. The very detailed Rock Formers are very flexible and they can be re-used an (almost) unlimited number of times.

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NOCH Rock Forming System

NOCH Rock Forming System

Modelling Tip: Casting Rocks

Step 1

The packaging of the rock formers can be easily rebuilt to a stable casting frame.

Step 2

The rock former is prepared with a release agent made from water and detergent (20:1).

Step 3

Insert the rock former into the casting frame and fill it with PROFI Casting Compound (ref. 60918).

Step 4

After hardening, the rock is carefully removed from the mould.

Step 5

With the help of Modelling Compound (ref. 60920), the rocks are integrated into the modelling landscape.

Step 6

Now the rocks are coloured. The diluted NOCH Nature Paints are applied with a sponge pad.