The Natur+ "Arable Land" is available.

Item Ref. 07450 Natur+ "Arable Land"
This year NOCH present in the Natur+ series an an Arable Land of natural appearance made from the popular stuctured hard foam. The soil is realistically disturbed, just as if the arable land has been recently ploughed.

For the decoration of the scenery, 10 grass tufts are also included.
Size of the Natur+ "Arable Land": 21 x 19 cm

Tip for Handling and Usage:
The hard foam Natur+ "Arable Land" can be heated up e.g. with a powerful hairdryer, and then can be carefully shaped to form. So it is possible to use it also on uneven terrain. Along with all the other NOCH hard foam products the Arable Land can be cut with a sharp knife (e.g. carpet knife).