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The Latest Innovations for Model Landscaping
The new items from NOCH present new trends, themes, upgraded techniques and improved basics - all must-have features for every innovative model landscape builder. This category gives you a quick survey of the latest innovations for model landscaping. The NOCH team is constantly developping new ideas enriching this hobby and improve the different applications. Of course there are classic model landscaping products that are almost impossible to enhance. These established basic products are required by all modellers. However thay can be perfectly jazzed up with the latest NOCH products. So you can create new exctining scenes with relatively little effort again and again! The great thing about the new items from NOCH is that they are easy to combine and to integrate in existing model landscapes.
NOCH is always looking for attractive new products for railway modelling and landscaping. Thus the nicest hobby of the world becomes more interesting. Enrich your diorama, preformed layout or self-made model landscape with the new and innovative NOCH items. We wish you a ot of fun creating your model landscape. Our useful guidebooks and DVDs about model landscaping will help you. Just look for more information in the category "Guides".

Wild Grass Wild Grass "Medow"

9 mm

Ref.: 07117
Wild Grass, dark green Wild Grass, dark green

dark green, 9 mm

Ref.: 07120
Wild Grass, brown Wild Grass, brown

brown, 9 mm

Ref.: 07122
Scatter Grass, beige Scatter Grass, beige

beige, 4 mm

Ref.: 08362
Scatter Grass, light green Scatter Grass, light green

light green, 4 mm

Ref.: 08363
Small Buildings Set Small Buildings Set

2 Barns, 1 Chapel

Ref.: 44315
Display Box, 3D Cardboard Sheets Display Box, 3D Cardboard Sheets

Cardboard Sheets3D-Kartonplatten each 10 pices from ref. 56605, 56610, 56613, 56640, 56664, 56665, 56670, 56690, 56691, 56721, 56722, 56723

Ref.: 56600
3D Cardboard Sheet “Clinker” 3D Cardboard Sheet “Clinker”

red, 25 x 12,5 cm

Ref.: 56910
3D Cardboard Sheet “Quarrystone Wall” 3D Cardboard Sheet “Quarrystone Wall”

multicoloured, 25 x 12,5 cm

Ref.: 56940