Natural Meadow

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Available from 09/2021

2 pieces, each 25 cm x 25 cm

Notice: Model building item

Details Natural Meadow

For even more reality of rural scenes

Natur + Meadows and Fields

The reasonably priced Natur + Mini Mats are a small but refined innovation for getting started with realistic model landscaping. With Natur+ Mini Mats, you can make your model landscape even more natural-looking. While only one fibre length and colour comes into play with normal grass mats, Natur+ Mini Mats are flocked with two different grass fibre lengths and colours. By electrostatically charging the fibres during the production process, we ensure that they are perpendicular to the base and thus appear like real grass. An additional plus of the Natur + Mini Mats is the unproblematic processing. The mat is cut to the appropriate shape and size with scissors and stuck in the model landscape with NOCH Grass Glue. Each pack contains two Natur+ Mini Mats, which are colour coordinated. By combining the two mats, an additional natural effect is brought about in the model landscape.

Pro tip: Any transitions and edges can be perfectly concealed with NOCH Grass Tufts. 

Contents: 0.06 qm
Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces
Length: 250.00 mm
Width: 250.00 mm

How-to-tip Natural Meadow

The Natur + Mini Mats are conveniently and securely packed.

The Natur + Mini Mat is cut to the desired shape and size.

The base is coated with NOCH Grass Glue.

The Natur + Mini Mat is stuck into the scene.