The NOCH Catalogue for model railway layouts and landscaping shows you how creative and various model landscaping can be. Planning a layout, building it up step for step and decorating it is fun and your imagination won't know any limits. At the same time, an abstract thinking, planning and organisational abilities are demanded. And by the way, the hobby model landscaping stimulates important social competences: You need patience to build up your own values being part of an continious process, whose targets are defined by your own! It doesn't matter whether the modeler is male or female, whether old or young. Model landscaping is a great hobby for everybody - and it is perfect for families.

NOCH Catalogue 2019/2020 English NOCH Catalogue 2019/2020 English

Main Catalogue 2019/2020

Ref.: 71120
NOCH Catalogue 2021/2022 German with MSRP NOCH Catalogue 2021/2022 German with MSRP

Main Catalogue 2021/2022

Ref.: 72210
NOCH Catalogue 2021/2022 English NOCH Catalogue 2021/2022 English

Main Catalogue 2021/2022

Ref.: 72212