Remaining stock of ROKUHAN models - electric locomotives, steam and diesel locomotives as well as passenger and freight cars. Also Z scale tracks for model railway layouts are available. ROKUHAN has succeeded in just a short period to get popular among Z scale enthusiasts. And this is not without reason: ROKUHAN items convince model railroaders with high quality precision models ROKUHAN is very happy about this enthusiasm and thanks to all supporters with a wider range and a lot of new products. Take som time to look around and profit from the special offers for Z scale - while stocks last.

Family House 'Johansson'  Family House 'Johansson'

1 Bausatz Familienhaus 'Johansson'

Ref.: 7298004
Portal Frame 'AW Lingen'  Portal Frame 'AW Lingen'

1 Bausatz Portalkran 'AW Lingen'

Ref.: 7298007
water tower 'Bw Tornstein'  water tower 'Bw Tornstein'

1 Bausatz Wassertrum 'Bw Torrnstein'

Ref.: 7298008
Bahnhof 'Wolkenstein' (Hersteller: Archistories) Bahnhof 'Wolkenstein' (Hersteller: Archistories)

1 Bausatz Bahnhof 'Wolkenstein'

Ref.: 7298011
Bockwindmühle 'Marienfehn' (Hersteller: Archistories) Bockwindmühle 'Marienfehn' (Hersteller: Archistories)

1 Bausatz Bockwindmühle 'Marienfehn'

Ref.: 7298014