Eco-Figures S-M

Ref. A15004
MSRP €5.00

Notice: Model building item
Unsere WEEE-Reg.Nr.: DE 95117429

Details Eco-Figures S-M

Eco-Figures S-M gauge N

The "Eco-figures S-M for 5,00 €" from the NOCH online fair chute are in good product condition. They are ideal for decorating a model landscape inexpensively with high-quality figures. The figure packaging contains up to 6 figures. They may be older figures which are no longer in the current NOCH range (sales and discontinued articles) or current figures which are e.g. from order returns. Accordingly, the packaging may show slight signs of use.

Attention: The data are exemplary. Individual articles differ. Due to the very favourable price and the random selection, this article cannot be exchanged.

Packaging Unit: 1