Landscape Greenery Package XL

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Included in delivery:
1 x ref. 07022 »Grass Tufts Mini Set XL, green, 42 pieces, 12 mm«
2 x ref. 07027 »Grass Tufts XL »Meadow«,42 pieces, 12 mm«

1 x ref. 07280 »Wild Grass Foliage, light green, 20 x 23 cm«
1 x ref. 07300 »Leafy Foliage, middle green, 20 x 23 cm«
1 x ref. 07290 »Meadow Foliage, yellow green, 20 x 23 cm«
1 x ref. 08621 »Lichen, green mix, 75 g«
1 x ref. 21760 »Oak, 15 cm high«
1 x ref. 25120 »Birch Trees, 3 pieces, 8 and 10 cm high«
2 x ref. 25170 »Beech Trees, 2 pieces, 13 cm high«
1 x ref. 25410 »Bushes, green, 5 pieces, 3 - 4 cm high«
1 x ref. 25420 »Bushes, in blossom, 5 pieces, 3 - 4 cm high«

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Notice: Model building item

Details Landscape Greenery Package XL

It Doesn’t Get any Greener: Our Landscape Greenery Package are fascinating in their Attention to Detail!

 Anyone who appreciates lifelike landscape design is here on the right track. Our Landscape Greenery Package leaves no wishes to make the model train layout realistic green.

 In the set you get Grass Tufts, Foliage, Classic Trees and PROFI trees. Here you get more information:


  • Wild Grass Foliage: It is the ideal product for creating realistic pastures on forest edges, natural meadows as well as on riverbanks or lakes.
  • Meadow Foliage: The Meadow Foliage is applied in all areas, as for example for meadows, pastures and agricultural land.
  • Leafy Foliage: Leafy Foliage is exquisitely recreated by the flocking of the unique finely cut NOCH leaves. This article is particularly useful when flocking bushes and trees, as well as modelling small bushes and ground cover.

Gras Tufts:
Field paths, river embankments or grasses underneath crash barriers or at the outskirts of forests as well as other scenes can be implemented easily and effectively with the practical Grass Tufts. You can create natural-looking vegetation within the blink of an eye.

 Classic Trees pros:
NOCH Classic Trees are lifelike yet affordable, high-quality model trees with high-grade flock. You can get the trees as an attractive blister pack. The Classic Trees are suitable for displaying on their own or for populating entire forests.

PROFI Trees pros:
In keeping with our motto, »NOCH… like the original«, the PROFI Trees Series places the highest demands on true-to-nature models. With the high-grade oaks, beech trees and birches we offer individual trees in outstanding quality. See for yourself.

Disponible since 13.06.2019

Packaging Unit: 1

How-to-tip Landscape Greenery Package XL


  • Wild Grass Foliage: Wild Grass Foliage is made by electrostatic flocking, combining different grasses and flocks.
  • Meadow Foliage: The Meadow Foliage is also created by electrostatic flocking. In contrast to the Wild Grass Foliage, shorter grass fibres are used.

 Grass Tufts:

  • Remove Grass from the packing prepare them with a drop of glue and place them in the landscape