Bring Light and Motion in Yor Model World!

The E-Kits are for those modellers who want to bring light and motion into their model world and who look for a challenge in working with electronics. The E-Kits are intentionally kept simple and present real electronic solutions but they can easily and quickly be put into operation without having an engineering education. The heart of every E-Kit is the universal electronics being equipped with a microprocessor which has been appropriately programmed with the corresponding software. Every E-Kit includes all the necessary electronic omponents and some cable. They can easily be soldererd to the universal electronics so fantastic applications are possible. Connection is made to a usual 16 V AC/DC transformer. Detailed instructions are included in every E-Kit.

E-Kit »Interior Lighting for Buildings«
With the NOCH E-Kit »Interior Lighting for Buildings« lighting sequencies of daily life can be imitated in one or several buildings. Using the microprocessor control, you can, for example, first switch on the light in the hall, then in the kitchen and finally in the living room.
Using the super bright white LEDs you can create nice lighting effects. The blue LED imitates the bright rays of a TV. Meanwhile, the light in the kitchen
and sometimes also in the bathroom turns on and off. The individual light cases are equipped with one LED each and are then fixed behind the window to be illuminated. Thus single windows of a building can be lightened and other remain dark.

E-Kit »Twilight Switch«
The NOCH »Twilight Switch« allows you to make the first steps for the automation of switching operations. Twilight switching can be realized very easily: Using the light sensor included in the E-Kit, electric circuits can be switched on, off or over through the included relay. The sensitivity grade of the sensor can be individually adjusted according to your own requirements.
The light in the hobby room is turned off, the light sensor detects this and switches on the lighting of buildings, street lamps, cars or of a Christmas tree.

E-Kit »Light Barrier«
Using the NOCH E-Kit »Light Barrier« electric circuits can be switched on, off or over through the included relay. This light barrier can be extensively operated independently from the ambient light, thanks to the included infrared transmitter and acceptor diodes.
The train crosses the light barrier and a further track section is switched power-off or a bar is triggered to go up or down (not included in the kit).

E-Kit »Servo with Control«
Using the NOCH E-Kit »Servo with Control« varied motion sequences can be shown on a model layout. The installed software on the microprocessor allows
you to realize many different motion sequences. Let your ideas flow and bring motion in your model layout.
Doors and gates of buildings can be opened and closed. Vehicles can be moved, e.g. you can tip over a truck loading ramp or turn an excavator or a crane.

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