Ref. 21996
MSRP €9.99


2 pieces, 8 and 9 cm high

Notice: Model building item

Details Almonds

With this, for the tabletop area rather unusual trees, ZITERDES served the brave and exotics Table Topper - all who are looking for something special. The almond tree is exceptional and therefore particularly again. Especially in the area of Fantasy tree can be very well used as a magic tree, or oracle.

Packaging Unit: 1 Pack
Height: 90.00 mm

How-to-tip Almonds

This is how you foster your model trees!

Not every tree is like the other - and this should also be true for your model landscape. Concerning trees in the background of a model landscape, which are hardly visible after the building phase, volumn is more important than exclusivity. This is why you should use the favourable NOCH model trees (eg. the NOCH Standard and Hobby Trees), which can be a little bit smaller - since this creates an interesting plasticity and makes your model landscape appear bigger.

But for more prominent spots, you should treat yourself and your model landscape to the high-quality NOCH PROFI Trees - the great optics will make up completely for the slightly higher price.

You should position bigger trees in the front of your model railway Installation. The NOCH Chesnut Tree (ref. 21800) with a height of 19 cm for example is a particularly majestic piece.