24 doors,
24 brand new videos,
24 new interesting tips,
24 times the chance to win a great prize!

The NOCH Video Advent Calendar

We are happy to annouce a brand new Video Advent Calendar with 24 new Video-Tutorials. In a series of that calendar the swedish YouTuber and model making expert Martin Tärnrot (maerklinofsweden) shows, how you can create wonderful winter scenes with winter products made by NOCH and how to create an awesome Christmas market. Every day we release a new video. So in the end there will be a finished result with a pretty Christmas market in winter. This videos can be shared and posted!

Click, share, subscribe - and win great prices!

We recommend to add the NOCH Advent Calendar to your favourite sites in your browser. Open a door each day and click the play button to watch to actual video of the day. Afterwards you can share the video with your friends or subscribe the NOCH YouTube channel!

Register now for the lottery game and optional subscribe to the NOCH Newsletter. Then you can automatically take part at the lottery and you will have the chance to win a NOCH product each day.

Every day we will pick out one participant who wins the daily prize. Very special prices are hidden on 6th and of course on 24th of December. 

We say thanks for sharing and watching our videos, wish you best luck at the lottery and wish you a a peaceful Christmas season!

To the NOCH Advent Calendar


You can win the following NOCH products!

If you prefer an other scale of your win - when you prefer TT or N - and you are the winner of a H0 product, please let us know if you would like the product in the other scale. We send you the product in your favourite size then (if available in our assortment). If not, surely we can find an other solution.

The winner will be informed via E-mail.

Participation conditions: Persons who are at least 18 years old are eligible for participation, except employees of NOCH GmbH & Co. KG as well as their relatives. Legal action is excluded. A disbursement of the prize cannot be claimed for.

Data Protection Note: Your personal data will be used and recorded for the processing of the competition and will deleted afterwards. You can disagree with the recording and use of your data at any time and ask for deletion. You can find detailed information about data protection on: www.noch.com/privacy-policy 


1. Dez
1x Start Set Vegetation (€11.49)
2. Dez
1x Grass Tufts “light and dark green” (€10.99)
3. Dez
1x Outhouse (€6.99)
4. Dez
1x Artificial Water XL (€24.99)
5. Dez
1x Chapel "St John of Nepomuk" (€27.99)
1x Chapel “St John of Nepomuk” (€19.99)
6. Dez
1x Scenery Set “Christmas Manger” (€39.99)
1x Scenery Set “Track Construction” (€31.99)
1x Scenery Set “Barbecue Hut” (€29.99)
7. Dez
1x Pine Tree (€5.99)
8. Dez
1x Resting Place (€10.99)
9. Dez
1x Wellen & Wogen (€10.99)
10. Dez
1x On the Platform (€19.99)
11. Dez
1x Iluminated Christmas Tree snowy, with 20 LEDs, 8 cm high (€27.99)
12. Dez
1x Children in Snow (€10.99)
13. Dez
1x House Boat (€13.99)
14. Dez
1x Aqua Effect 125 ml (€10.99)
15. Dez
1x Santa Claus and Angels (€12.99)
16. Dez
1x Raised Hide (€5.99)
17. Dez
1x Natur+ Summer Meadow (€16.49)
18. Dez
1x Double Trunk Birch Tree (€12.99)
19. Dez
1x Skiers (€11.99)
20. Dez
1x Small Footbridge (€6.99)
21. Dez
1x Foam & Spume (€7.99)
22. Dez
1x On the Farm (€17.99)
23. Dez
1x Forest Lodge (€11.99)
24. Dez
1x Church "St George" with micro-sound Bell Ringing (€89.99)