NOCH Season News 2018/2019

NOCH GmbH & Co. KG Lindauer Straße 49 D-88239 Wangen im Allgäu Tel.: +49 - 75 22 - 97 80-0 Fax: +49 - 75 22 - 97 80-80 E-Mail: ∙ / facebook / youtube Artificial Water is also available in a 250 ml bottle (ref. 60873) and as an economy XL bottle of 500 ml (ref. 60874). Info-Tip: Ponds, Pools and Puddles … Artificial Water mini Being Organized Makes Life Even Easier! NOCH Storage Box Sets Sometimes it must be done quickly and you want to create only a small water body. The Artificial Water mini is ideal for modelling a pond in the garden or in a forest, a small puddle or a swimming pool. Just pour the 1-component-material into the prepared water bed. Then just wait until it is dry and hard, and your mini water is ready! Processing: Pour in a maximally 2 to 3 mm high water layer. It will take approx. 12  hours to harden. Thereby the artificial water will lose roughly 50 % of its volume, as the material is based on real water. Find more information on Expected release: October 2018 The two sturdy boxes with sealing insert and screw cap are ideal for storing your own paint and glue mixtures as well as for other solvent-free fluids. Including two stickers for do-it-yourself-labelling. The two clear boxes are ideal for storing your own mixtures of scatter material, grass and ballast as well as for small parts, compound, plaster and other loose materials. Including two stickers for do-it-yourself-labelling. 71653 Season News Leaflet 2018 / 19 GB 60876 Artificial Water mini 125 ml ready-to-pour in the bottle 08083 Storage Box Set »Scatter Material, Grass, Ballast and Small Parts« 2 boxes (1,000 ml and 365 ml), empty each with cap 08081 Storage Box Set »Paints & Adhesives« 2 boxes (750 ml and 250 ml), empty each with sealing insert and screw cap Your qualified NOCH Dealer