Embankment Vegetation

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Notice: Model building item

Details Embankment Vegetation

Create realistic embankment vegetation using sea foam. It is a natural product featuring perfect properties: no sea foam piece is like the other. Small, cracked pieces can be used directly as dried or dead shrubs which you can find on every embankment. Thicker sea foam pieces can be used as broken branches and decorated according to your wishes. Large, more voluminous sea foam pieces are simply covered with the flock material included in the set. Extremely realistic bushes are the result.
The set includes a DVD with detailed handicraft tips.

Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces

How-to-tip Embankment Vegetation

The workpieces can be flocked realistically with foliage. The foliage is included in the set.
This makes the bushes seem very realistic and nature-like. They can be planted along the embankment.
You can use small sea foam pieces as dried ground-cover and use bigger pieces as branches.