2009 we found the company NOCH Asia in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City. It is a 100% subsidiary of NOCH in Wangen, South Germany. Some of you may ask: "What for?" The reason is: Our customers are always searching for products with a good quality and cost-effectiveness. And it is our endeavour to take this requirement into account for all NOCH products. Concerning a great number of our products we succeed to reach this goal by an efficient buying management and a highly competitive production at our German location in Wangen. However, regarding our labour-intensive products made by hand like model figures and trees, this goal cannot be reached within the EU unfortunately.

High quality products are very imprtant for us. But owing to the frequently changing basic conditions and production staff of our past supplyers in China it became more and more difficult to fulfill this quality demand.

The logical consequence was to found a new company with own employees and collegues setting up a production according to our own worths and ideas - NOCH Asia.

As a family concern in the fourth generation NOCH feels obliged to the employees. Deeply rooted in the company and the region for decades many of them are happy and satisfied here.

And so we try to "export" this sense of a common bond to Vietnam, to NOCH Asia. We foster this team spirit by joint actions, for example when Dr. Noch invites the staff for dinner every time when visiting NOCH Asia.

We are also very concerned about working conditions and fair wages for all workers. NOCH Asia enables us to hold the reins in order to provide for a good and healthy working sphere. We are proud to say that we have succeeded in reaching these aims up to now and almost all of the 80 employees come to work willingly.

If you would like to learn more about NOCH Asia we recommend to watch the video "Good Morning Vietnam" made by our trainees.

In this video our former trainee Patrick tells about his visit at NOCH Asia in Ho Chi Minh City in 2012.

Start the video here!

NOCH Azubi-TV Folge 6: Good Morning Vietnam

Good Morning, Vietnam - Welcome to NOCH Asia