Road Safety

The set of “Crash Barriers and Boundary Posts” is perfect for designing roads in H0 gauge!

The “Crash Barriers and Boundary Posts” are very popular when designing roadsides on a model landscape. They can be painted and placed at the roadside. This enables you to obtain an even more lifelike streetscape and put it in the spotlight.

The Crash Barriers ensure the carriageway is demarcated so that all road users can see where the road ends. In addition, the Crash Barriers protect against ditches, bodies of water or other obstacles on a model landscape.

The Boundary Posts signal to car drivers where the carriageway ends and provide safety on the roads, especially in the dark. Recreate perfect model roads with the “Crash Barriers and Boundary Posts” and draw attention to them in detail according to your own ideas.

EAN: 4007246605118
Length: 1000 mm
Weight: 0.05 kg
Gauge: H0

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Crash Barriers and Boundary Posts

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