Tall, Thick Crowns Filled with Vibrant Green Leaves

The NOCH tree cube “Beech & Acacia & Birch” among the Model Trees is ideal for decorating any model landscape with even more realistic details. Trees give both real nature and a model landscape scene a special look and are indispensable there. Whether it’s in a big open field, a dense forest, a park or at home in the garden, Model Trees can be used to make a landscape scene very customised. The “Beech & Acacia & Birch” gives every landscape scene an even lovelier appearance and skilfully draws attention to the landscape. Design even more realistic details on your model landscape.


Since 2010, NOCH has been producing its model trees in its own Vietnamese factory. There, the trees are carefully manufactured by hand. This makes it possible to improve the already high quality of the NOCH PROFI Trees even further.

  • The tree trunks are carefully coloured with a matt colour so that surface does not appear to be made from plastic.
  • In order to give the tree more volumn, a fine weave is worked into the branches before they are flocked.
  • The high-Quality NOCH Flockage is used for flocking the trees. The specially and elaborately coloured material resembles the leaves of real trees.
  • Just like in real nature, the NOCH Model Trees only the finest branches carry leaves. The bigger branches are deliberately not flocked in the process.

The NOCH PROFI Tree Series mets the highest requirements of quality and realism. Try it yourself!

The red placed sticker on the tree cube packaging contains information about an already expired sweepstakes. This is no longer valid!

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Gauge: H0, TT, N, 0
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November 30, 2021 12:06

Realitätsnahe Bäume

Die Bäume sind sehr schön und detailreich gestaltet. Davon werden im Laufe des Anlagenbaus noch mehr Platz finden.

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