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Item No. 66820 Dance Floor, Micro Motion, 7,0 x 6,0 cm, height 5,0 cm
track gauge: H0

NOCH micro-motion the digital H0 Dance Floor. Now your model landscape will be livened up even more. Three couples are moving on the digital dance floor showing three differentand varied dances. The dance floor itself is a Laser-Cut kit and the motor for the dancers is already installed in the dance floor being ready-to-use. The figures only have to be set on the driving shaft. The dance can be started with the enclosed switch or alternatively through the pre-installed digital decoder, enabling a release of the dancing sequence via digital control. The digital decoder is programmable and automatically recognizes the Märklin /Motorolaand DCC / NMRA format. ith smaller digital controllers (e.g. Märklin Mobile Station) the motion of the dance floor can be released using a locomotive address. The kit includes: Three dancing couples to be mounted on the dance floor, Laser-Cut kit for the dance floor, Ready-made base with drive for the dancers, Digital decoder with switch for release (MM / DCC) 2.76 in. long x 2.36 in. wide, total height: 1.97 in.(thereof 0.98 in. installation depth)

recommended retail price: 89,99 EUR