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Item No. 66704 Barn kit (2 pieces), Barn with canopy and tool shed
track gauge: H0

In accordance with our focus theme »In the mountains«, we are proud to present this highlight Í a complete rural village with church, small station, farm and different houses. All these buildings are manufactured using the innovative Laser-Cut + technology. This means that the edges of the walls are cut in a 45° angle and so that no ugly edges are visible. An additional advantage of this technology is that most parts of the buildings are easily folded and glued together. The kits are high precision models and made of special laser cardboard. For some buildings a special cardboard imitating plastered walls is used. A further highlight of the NOCH Laser-Cut Kits is that all roofs are elaborately engraved by laser to guarantee a very realistic appearance. Every kit includes special glue for assembly as well as plastic gutters and drainpipes. Colours, combinations and forms are subject to change without prior notice.Barn with large canopy and tool shed Barn: 3.58 x 3.78 in., 1.85 in. high Tool shed: 2.24 x 1.54 in., 1.89 in. high

recommended retail price: 19,99 EUR


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