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Item No. 66302 Small Mine "Victoria", Basic Kit
track gauge: H0

Small Mine »Victoria« This small shaft facility does not need much space and therefore can be installed on smaller modelrailway layouts. The shaft house is a slim, iron-tied brick building. The hoist house and headframe are insteel-profile design. Thus, this mine can be used for coal or salt mining. The position of the headframe to the engine house can be varied. The chutes are suitable for railcargo or truck loading. Hoist house with loading chutes 7.68 x 6.89 in., 10.28 in. high Engine house 4.17 x 4.41 in.,4.02 in. high

recommended retail price: 99,99 EUR


Item No. 0066303
Extension Kit to Small Mine, Loading Facility 37,5x5x14,5cm