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Item No. 64004 Station "Tannau (Berg)", 19,7 x 13 x 10,9 cm
track gauge: TT

Laser-Cut + Kit "Tannau (Berg)" Station H0, TT and N "Tannau (Berg)" station is one of this years NOCH highlights. This typical bavarian standard station can be found along railways in Bavaria and Thuringia. These kind of standardbuildings were built for the first time around the turn of the century. The simple architectural cube shape gives this model an enduring appearance so it can be used as a station building on model railway layouts of every epoch. The "Tannau (Berg)" station has a realistically plastered outer wall. A little specialty of this model is the station platform: the trackside is high enough for passengers to get off the trains comfortably. However on the other side, the height has cleverly been adapted for the station forecourt.

recommended retail price: 57,99 EUR