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Item No. 60805 Model Landscaping Set
track gauge: H0

Model Landscaping Set - The Great Model Railway Modeling Fun! From various phone conversations and letters we receive from you, we have become familiar with one request: You want to build a modellandscape but you donÉt know what you will need. For that reason we have created this Model Landscaping Set for you! The set includes everything for the construction of your own landscape. For the framework, it contains the popular NOCH TERRA-FORM system and the sturdy crepe paper. For the structuring of the landscape, the set includes our special rock compound, two tunnel portals, grass glue, grass, flock applicator, stones, bridge, lake film and a wall. The set also offers a country road, lichen and ten model trees for the decoration. Thanks to the illustrated manual you can build your landscape step by step. To give you more ideas for a perfect model landscape, the set contains a free NOCH Landscaping Guide DVD (German language film Art.No. 71914). The landscape on the top of this page has been created completely with the products of the Model Landscaping Set and decorated with NOCH accessories. The base plate is not included in the set. e wish you good luck! Contents of the Model Landscaping Set TERRA-FORM material (wooden support poles and connection pieces) Crepe Paper, total area 71 x 24 in. Rock Compound Granite, 400 g NOCH Girder Bridge Basalt all, 25 x 6 in. Lake Film, 16 x 10 in. Flock Applicator Grass Glue, 250 ml Spring grass, 100 g Country Road grey, 1 metre Mixed Forest , 10 trees Sandstone Boulders, 250 g 2 Tunnel Portals, single track Lichen, 35 g Illustrated Manual DVD Model Landscaping Guide free

recommended retail price: 87,99 EUR