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Item No. 51015 Nordic Fir, digital falling tree, 7.48 in.
track gauge: H0,TT,N

The "digital tree" is falling realistically like a typical tree: starting to tip over slowly, then faster due to overbalancing and finally reaching the ground with a slight bounce. After a short time the tree is automatically stood up again and the spectacle can begin again. The fall is triggered by an integral switch. Alternatively it can be released by a pre-installed digital decoder and a digital control system. The digital decoder is programmable and automatically recognizes the Märklin /Motorola and the DCC / NMRA format. ith smaller digital controllers, e.g. "Märklin Mobile Station 60652", the digital tree can be released using a locomotive address. By using DCC the release can also be triggered from a locomotive address. Special tip for digital fans: If the tree is falling near a track, the following scenario can be replicated on your model layout: lights on, signals to red, trains stopping ... Note: On the modelling community you can present your spectacle of the falling tree to other like-minded people. "Digital tree" highlights: Natural tree with servo motor and switch , Multi-protocol digital decoder for Märklin /Motorola and DCC / NMRA , Release by solenoid address or locomotive address

recommended retail price: 64,99 EUR