Structure Flock

The Structure Flock is a completely new development in greening your model landscape. The flock is made from foam and  ground into three different granulations: coarse, medium, and fine, as well as four different shades of a realistic dull green colour: May green, bright green, medium green, as well as dark green. Due to the four dull colour shades, you can re-create the vegetation’s colouring realistically. This makes the Structure Flock ideally suited for flocking your model trees or designing groundcover plants or small bushes. We recommend the unflocked tree from NOCH, for the creation of model trees. The NOCH Nature Trees made out of sea foam are ideally suited for the creation of natural model trees and model bushes. You will find hints in the »Accessories« tab, or you might be interested in the articles listed under »You might also be interested in«. In order to adhere the Flock , we recommend the NOCH Grass Glue. The Model Landscaping Glue has a specials consistency, is very easy to process, and dries transparently.

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