Deco Scenes

Small Scenes - Great Effect!
Deco Scenes

Your model landscape will be even more realistic with the new NOCH Deco Scenes. Whether a construction site, a bus stop, a garden plot or a forest – the Deco Scenes give life to every model landscape: Each set contains a lovely, ready assembled Laser-Cut building and figures that complement the scene.

The advantages of the lovely selected and created small scenes are evident. The high quality laser-cut buildings are ready assembled with elaborately handpainted figures. Just unpack and add to your layout! These inexpensive models enrich your model landscape or railway layout and need only a small place. You will surely find a little edge on your layout to include such a small, lovely scene.

Construction Site  Construction Site Item Ref.: 12010
Track Construction  Track Construction Item Ref.: 12011
At the Bus Stop  At the Bus Stop Item Ref.: 12015
On the Platform  On the Platform Item Ref.: 12020
At the Kiosk  At the Kiosk Item Ref.: 12025
In the Garden  In the Garden Item Ref.: 12030
Garden Party  Garden Party Item Ref.: 12031
In the Garden Plot  In the Garden Plot Item Ref.: 12035
At the Pond  At the Pond Item Ref.: 12036
On the Farm  On the Farm Item Ref.: 12040
In the Country  In the Country Item Ref.: 12041
Cattle Shelter  Cattle Shelter Item Ref.: 12042
In the Forest  In the Forest Item Ref.: 12045
Forest Work  Forest Work Item Ref.: 12046
On the Alpine Pasture  On the Alpine Pasture Item Ref.: 12050
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