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New in 2017: Castle Ruin
An Impressive Vision of Days Long Gone By! 07.08.2017 Now available for you: The new Castle Ruin made of Structure Hard Foam
New in 2017: Viaduct Ravenna
Bridge over Deep Valleys! 31.07.2017 Now available for you: Viaduct »Ravenna« made of Structure Hard Foam
New in 2017: Street Markings
The Complete Solution! 27.06.2017 Now available for you: Street Markings and Street Marking Templates
Focus Product: Standard Trees
Focus Product 22.06.2017 Trees in all shapes and sizes.
New in 2017: Chapel St. Nepomuk
There is Music in the Air! 18.06.2017 Now available for you: Laser-Cut Kit Chapel »St. Nepomuk«
New in 2017: Grass Fibres in Muted Colours
Grass Fibres for »International Use«, Outside of the Allgäu Region! 12.06.2017 Now available for you: Grass Fibres in Muted Colours
New 2017: On the Platform
Here Comes the Sound! 06.06.2017 Now Available for TT and N!
New in 2017: Landscaping Wire Mesh
The Perfect Foundation! 01.06.2017 Now available for you: Landscaping Modelling Foils and Landscaping Wire Mesh
New in 2017: Golf Driving Range
Leave All Your Worries Behind… 22.05.2017 Now available for you: Golf Driving Range and Scenery Set »Tennis Court«
Hardfoam Walls and Portals
Focus Products 10.05.2017 Hardfoam Walls and Portals
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